How to Get EU Blue Card?

Your Guide to the EU Blue Card

EU Blue Card

Thinking of working in a European country? The EU Blue Card is the key. The EU Blue Card is like a special permission for people from outside the EU to work and live in European countries. It’s a bit like the US Green Card, but for Europe. 

It allows skilled workers and qualified people from outside the European Union to live and work in certain European countries. While the card is widely accepted across most EU member states, it’s important to note that Denmark, Ireland, and the United Kingdom do not participate in the EU Blue Card program. This means that the card is not valid in these three countries. So, if you’re thinking about working or studying in Europe, the EU Blue Card could be your ticket to making it happen in many countries across the EU. Let’s see how you can get the card. 

Advantages of the EU Blue Card

Having an EU Blue Card has some great advantages:

  • Free Movement within the EU (Schengen countries)
  • Equal Work and Travel Conditions
  • Family Member Sponsorship
  • Permanent Residency Rights
  • Access to Social Programs (Education, Healthcare, Travel)

EU Blue Card Eligibility

Categories of Applicants

The EU Blue Card is for many different types of people. It’s not just for those who work; researchers, students, trainees, seasonal workers, people working for a company in different countries, and those who dream of starting their own business can also apply. So, if you have a skill, want to study, train, or even start a business in the European Union, the EU Blue Card might be the way for you to do it. It’s like a special card that opens up opportunities for many different dreams and goals!

Common Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible, you usually need to have

  • University degree
  • Job offer with a contract of at least one year
  • Valid passport
EU Blue Card Eligibility

EU Blue Card Application Process

Document Preparation

Before applying for an EU Blue Card, gather essential documents. Ensure your university diploma is valid and obtain a work contract which lasts at least one year. Your employer should provide a written declaration of intent. Make sure your passport is valid, and keep two passport-sized photos ready.

Submission of Application

Decide whether you or your employer will be submitting the EU Blue Card application. Schedule an appointment at the Embassy or Consulate, where you will need to fill out the application form and submit all required documents. Be prepared for a possible application fee of 140 Euros.

Processing Period

There will be a maximum processing time of 90 days.

EU Blue Card  is a valuable gateway for skilled individuals aspiring to work and reside within the European Union. Its diverse eligibility categories cater to a range of professionals, from highly-qualified workers to researchers and entrepreneurs. The application process, while varying across EU countries, generally requires essential documents like a valid university diploma and a work contract. 

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