Top In-demand Jobs in Europe 2024

Top In-demand Jobs in Europe 2024

Europe has always been an attractive destination that many aspire to move to. In the year 2024, there’s an average shortage of talented workers, ranging from 75 to 77 percent. This shortage translates into more job opportunities, especially in sought-after sectors such as sales, IT, data, and sustainability. The job market in Europe is teeming with possibilities waiting to be explored.

Which Jobs are in Demand in Europe 2024 

In 2024, these jobs are really important because they do crucial things in today’s fast-paced work world. They help businesses grow, use technology to make things better, keep our digital information safe, and even shape the future by teaching and creating campaigns.

  • Sales: They make sure businesses are successful by coming up with smart plans.

  • IT & Software: They work with digital stuff and make technology better.

  • Cyber Security: They protect against online threats and keep our information safe.

  • AI (Artificial Intelligence): They are the ones making smart technology that can learn and improve.

  • HR (Human Resources): They take care of the people in a workplace and manage talent.

  • Finance: They guide how money is used smartly.

  • Engineering: They come up with new ideas and build things for the future.

  • Teachers: They teach and share knowledge to shape young minds.

  • Marketing: They create ads and connect people with brands in a big way.
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Flexible Jobs

In today’s work setup, flexibility is becoming more common. Some jobs allow you to work from home or split your time between home and the office though these jobs usually require experience.

  • Caseworkers: These are professionals who usually help people in various situations. They might need some experience to do this job well.

  • Product Analysts: These individuals look at products and figure out how they can be better. If you want to do this job, having some experience is often necessary.

  • Underwriting Analysts: They work with insurance and figure out risks. Like the others, this job often requires some experience.

  • Cyber Security Engineers: These experts focus on keeping digital information safe. It’s a crucial job that usually needs some prior experience.

Well-Paying Jobs

In the professional world, some jobs come with substantial paychecks, offering more than €5,000 every month in Europe. If you’re aiming for financial success, consider exploring these high-paying roles:

  • Data Scientist
  • Financial Director
  • Product Manager
  • Business Development Manager
  • Project Manager

Growing Jobs in 2024

Over the past five years, certain jobs have gained significant popularity in various European countries, reflecting the evolving needs of their job markets. Let’s take a closer look at the growing professions in 2024 across select European nations:


  • Admissions Specialist: Helping people navigate admissions processes.

  • Energy Broker: Facilitating transactions in the energy sector.

  • Sales Manager: Leading and guiding sales teams to success.


  • Sustainability Manager: Focusing on environmentally responsible practices.

  • Cyber Security Analyst: Safeguarding digital systems from threats.

  • Public Sector Consultant: Providing expertise for public organizations.


  • Learning Specialist: Supporting and enhancing educational initiatives.

  • Caseworker: Assisting individuals with various needs.

  • Chief Commercial Officer: Leading commercial strategies for businesses.


  • Business Development Representative: Driving business growth through strategic initiatives.

  • Security Operations Centre Analyst: Monitoring and ensuring cybersecurity.

  • Artificial Intelligence Engineer: Developing intelligent technology solutions.


  • Security Operations Centre Analyst: Ensuring digital security and protection.

  • Software Engineer Analyst: Analyzing and improving software systems.

  • Sustainability Manager: Overseeing sustainable practices.

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  • Sustainability Analyst: Evaluating and promoting sustainable practices.

  • Growth Specialist: Focusing on strategies for organizational growth.

  • Cyber Security Engineer: Safeguarding digital infrastructure.


  • Financial Advisor: Providing expert financial guidance.

  • Artificial Intelligence Engineer: Creating advanced AI solutions.

  • Human Resources Specialist: Managing HR functions and strategies.


  • Talent Acquisition Specialist: Identifying and acquiring top talents.

  • Data Steward: Ensuring quality and security of data.

  • Product Analyst: Analyzing and enhancing product features.

United Kingdom:

  • Sales Development Representative: Driving sales initiatives.

  • Underwriting Analyst: Assessing and managing risks.

  • Sustainability Manager: Focusing on eco-friendly and ethical practices

Europe in 2024 offers a world of job opportunities, with an average shortage of talented workers opening doors for individuals in key sectors like sales, IT, data, and sustainability. These jobs play vital roles in today’s fast-paced work world – from boosting businesses to keeping our digital info safe and shaping the future through teaching and creative campaigns. Noteworthy roles include making smart plans in Sales, improving technology in IT & Software, ensuring online safety in Cyber Security, and pioneering smart technologies in AI. Globalogy’s Job Support team can help you in landing these dream jobs in Europe.

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