New Pathway to Malta: Specialist Employee Initiative (SEI)
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Specialist Employee Initiative: Malta

Specialist Employee Initiative Visa Malta

In 2021, 115,449 migrants lived in Malta, which was 22.2% of the total population—more than any other European Union country. Now, in 2024, Malta launched a program called the Specialist Employee Initiative (SEI), where they plan to invite skilled people from different countries to come and work. It’s like inviting experts to help improve Malta. This helps the country because these individuals bring their talents and skills to contribute to its growth.

Benefits of SEI 

  • Opportunities for Skilled Professionals in Malta: SEI opens doors for skilled individuals, providing the chance to bring expertise to Malta’s professional landscape.
  • Career Growth and Development in a New Environment: SEI is a platform for career development in a fresh and vibrant setting, offering opportunities to enhance skills and experiences.
  • Contribution to Malta’s Workforce and Economy: By participating in SEI, individuals become valuable contributors to Malta’s workforce, playing a role in the growth and strength of the country’s economy.

Eligibility Criteria SEI in Malta

To qualify for the Specialist Employee Initiative (SEI) in Malta, there are a few important things to keep in mind. First, make sure you have a job offer in Malta with a yearly salary of at least €25,000. Globalogy’s Job Support team can assist you in finding your dream job in Malta.  Second, your educational background should be at least MQF Level 6 or higher. However, if your qualifications are a bit different, don’t worry – SEI also considers alternative qualifications and relevant work experience. Lastly, when you apply, be ready to provide the necessary documents, like your job offer, educational qualifications, and proof of work experience. 

Application Process

When applying for the Specialist Employee Initiative (SEI) in Malta, follow these simple steps to make the process smoother. Start by submitting your documents under the Single Permit Regulations – this is the first and crucial step. Keep in mind that your application will be processed within 15 working days, and there’s a €300 application fee. Work closely with your employer because their involvement is important. Make sure to provide all the needed documents accurately and completely; it really matters. Be ready for potential requests for more documents from Identità, the processing authority. 

Handling of Applications

Identità, the group handling your application, follows specific rules to be fair to everyone. They’ll keep you and your employer updated through the process. You’ll go through a step where they record things like fingerprints, and they’ll tell you how to pay the application fee. It’s super important to give them all the documents they need because missing any could slow things down or even stop your application. 

Decision and Notification

When it comes to the Specialist Employee Initiative (SEI) decision process, They’ll let you know the decision through email, so keep an eye on your inbox. There are three possible outcomes: they might say yes, which means your application is approved, or they might say no, which means your application is not accepted. Sometimes, they could ask for more information before making a decision. It’s really important to have the right contact information so you get these updates on time and avoid any confusion. 

Visa Duration and Conditions

Once your Specialist Employee Initiative (SEI) visa is approved, the validity is for one year. If you want to stay longer, there’s a process to renew it. To get the extension, you have to make sure you still meet the rules, like having the right job and following your work contract. It’s like keeping things in order for a smooth and continued stay in Malta under the SEI program.

The Specialist Employee Initiative (SEI) in Malta isn’t just a program; it’s like a special path for skilled professionals. SEI doesn’t only make individual careers better but also adds a lot to Malta’s different cultures, helps people grow in their jobs, and makes the country’s economy stronger. Looking ahead, the SEI program shows that Malta is serious about welcoming talented people from around the world and making a workplace where everyone can do well. Globalogy’s Visa Expert team can make your process easier to get your Malta SEI Visa.

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