Singapore Work Visa Requirements

Singapore Work Visa: Types And Eligibility

singapore work visa

Singapore, a wonderful place in Southeast Asia, offers a lot for visitors, whether it’s beautiful attractions or exciting sports. But it’s not just a great tourist destination; it’s also a hotspot for business. Many people from around the world move to Singapore for work. If you’re considering studying, working, or starting a business in Singapore, you’re making a good choice. It’s seen as an Asian hub for learning and skill-building, with many global companies based here. If you plan to work in Singapore, you’ll need a Work Visa.

Understanding the Singapore Employment Visa:

A Singapore Work Visa, also known as a Work Pass, is an essential document that allows people from other countries to work in Singapore legally. It’s like permission to work here for a specific time. If you’re planning to obtain one, the Visa experts at Globalogy  can be your guide to ensure the process goes smoothly and efficiently.

Singapore offers different types of Work Visas, each for different kinds of jobs. Here are some common ones:

  • Entre Pass: For people who want to start their business in Singapore.

  • Employment Pass: For professionals, managers, and executives with the right qualifications and a good salary.

  • Personalized Employment Pass: A bit more flexible than an Employment Pass, with a higher salary.

  • S Pass: For mid-level skilled workers, but you need to earn a certain amount.

  • Miscellaneous Pass: For people who come to work in Singapore for a short time.

Singapore Work Visa Requirements/Eligibility:

To get a Singapore Work Visa, you must meet certain conditions:

  • You need a valid passport.
  • You must be at least 18 years old (or up to 58 for Malaysians and 50 for non-Malaysians).
  • You can only work in the job mentioned in your work permit, and you can’t work longer than the permit says.
singapore employment visa

Application Process:

Here’s how you can apply for a Singapore Work Visa: 

  • Your employer or a visa agent needs to ask you if you agree to apply for the work permit.
  • You fill in a form and give the right documents.
  • Pay the fee online.
  • Check after a week to see if your application is approved.
  • When it’s approved, you get a letter (IPA).
  • Within two weeks of your arrival in Singapore, your employer or agent must get the permit. They need to give an address for where your work permit card should go and nominate at least 3 people to get it.

Visa Validity:

Usually, a Singapore Work Visa is given for up to 2 years, but this can change based on different things.

What to know about Singapore Work Visa:

  • Bank Balance: You need at least INR 50,000 per person in your bank to apply for a Singapore Work Visa from India.
  • Visa Validity: At first, the visa is good for 2 years, but you can renew it if you still work for the same company.
  • Medical Exams: If you stay for less than a year, you don’t need medical exams. But for longer stays, it’s a must.
  • IELTS: Some jobs in Singapore need IELTS, like nursing, medicine, and pharmacy.
  • Job Offer: You can’t get a work visa without a job offer. Your employer must sponsor you.
  • Processing Time: It usually takes 7-14 days to get a Singapore Work Visa.
  • After Visa Expires: When your visa ends, you have to leave Singapore.
  • Eligibility Criteria: You need a real passport, and you must be at least 18 years old. For Indians, the age limit is 50 years. You can only do the job mentioned in your work permit.

Singapore is a place of wonder and opportunity. If you want to work here, you need to understand how to get a Singapore Work Visa. With the right help and support, your dream of working in this amazing place can come true. Let the Globalogy Community be your guide on this exciting journey.

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