How to move abroad as a student for internships

How To Move Abroad as a Student Without Experience

Move Abroad by doing Internships in Another Countries

Imagine this: being a student and getting paid to explore a brand-new country! Getting an international internship is like opening a door to amazing opportunities. It’s a chance to learn and practice the skills you love in the real world while working with great organizations from all over the world. We found a list of 3 organizations that are hiring students all over the world. Let’s figure out how you can apply for the same. First, let’s take a look at the advantages of working abroad. 

Why do Internships in Another Country? 

Considering a move abroad as a student? Well, there are compelling reasons to do so. 

  • International Exposure: Gain diverse working experiences and understand different work environments.
  • Adaptability and Problem-Solving: Refine adaptability skills and enhance problem-solving abilities in unfamiliar settings.
  • Personal and Professional Growth: Step out of your comfort zone for transformative personal development and improved professional skills.
  • Competitiveness in the Global Job Market: Enhance your competitiveness in the global job market by experiencing work in an international context.
  • Cultural Immersion: Immerse yourself in a new culture for a holistic experience, fostering personal and professional growth.

Opportunities in the USA

Internship Opportunities in the USA
Are you ready to take your skills to an international level? The World Bank Internship Program is your passport to valuable experiences in the USA.

Introduction to the World Bank Internship Program:

Join the adventure of the World Bank Internship Program. This program is not just about work; it’s an opportunity for individuals with a passion for making a global impact to bring fresh perspectives, innovative ideas, and research experience to the World Bank’s mission.

Eligibility and Application Process:

Understanding how to become a part of this program is crucial. To be eligible, you need:
  • Have an undergraduate degree.
  • Currently enrolled in a full-time graduate study program.
  • No age limit.
To apply, start by showcasing your skills and experiences, highlighting what makes you a standout candidate. Fluency in English is a crucial requirement for the application. Additionally, knowing other languages is considered an advantage, providing you with an extra edge. This application process aims to capture your unique abilities and linguistic capabilities, ensuring you stand out in the World Bank Internship Program.

Benefits and Experiences Offered:

Interning at the World Bank is more than just a line on your resume. It’s an enriching experience that goes beyond borders.
  • Impactful Projects: Engage in meaningful work by contributing to impactful projects during your internship.
  • Networking Opportunities: Build valuable connections and expand your professional network through interactions with experts and professionals.
  • Exposure to International Organizations: Gain insights into the inner workings of an international organization, broadening your understanding of global dynamics.

Opportunities in Asia (Taiwan)

Internship Opportunities in the Asia
Are you ready for a transformative academic experience in Asia? The Taiwan International Graduate Program (TIGP) is your gateway to exciting opportunities. The Taiwan International Internship Program offers an intensive pre-doctoral research training opportunity for international students. This program, conducted at Academia Sinica and partner universities, provides hands-on training and scientific experience.


You will be getting financial aid as follows:
  • Monthly stipend of NTD 30,000 (before tax).
  • Half of the cheapest round-trip airfare from the intern’s hometown to Taipei. (Note: If interns are from the same location in the same batch, reimbursement is based on the lowest price (Max. NTD 15,000)).
  • On-campus accommodation is available at an affordable price.

Eligibility Criteria and Where to Apply:

  • Undergraduate students in their final year.
  • Master’s students.
  • Individuals holding a B.S. or Master’s degree. (Note: Ph.D. degree program pursuers, previous TIIP attendees, and current employees or research assistants at Academia Sinica are ineligible).
The application window is open from January 1st to February 28th. It’s a 2-month internship adventure, with three cohorts to choose from – May to June, June to July, or July to August.

Opportunities in Europe (Italy)

Internship Opportunities in the Europe

Are you a student with a keen interest in regional and local economic issues? Imagine gaining hands-on experience in an international environment while enhancing your analytical and technical skills. The OECD Trento Centre offers just that through its exciting internship program. Internships are available across all streams of work at the Trento Centre. Despite being a small team, interns get the chance to actively engage in various activities. From working on specific projects to assisting with conference and seminar preparations, there’s a wide range of experiences awaiting you.

Application Details:

  • Applications are accepted throughout the year.
  • Three application deadlines: April 1, June 1, and October 1, 2024.
  • The internship lasts for three to six months, with a possible renewal for up to twelve months.
  • Interns receive a monthly allowance of 982.26 euros.

Who Can Apply:

If you are a full-time student with a passion for regional and local economic issues, possess analytical skills, and have a good command of English, you’re eligible. Internships can be done remotely or on-site in Trento, Italy.

How to Apply and Selection Process:

  • Submit your application via the OECD online application platform.
  • Upload a cover letter expressing your interest, areas of application, what you hope to gain from the internship, and relevant skills.

The process involves screening applications, a written test, a Skype interview, and finally, an offer letter if selected.

The journey to secure your dream internship requires a strategic approach. Begin by crafting an authentic application that highlights your unique experiences and skills. Tailor your resume to showcase relevant achievements and responsibilities, quantifying your impact where possible. Personalize each cover letter, expressing enthusiasm and aligning your background with the internship’s requirements.

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