How to get your Finland Work Visa

Finland Work Visa

Ever imagined working in Finland, with its thriving job market and wonderful lifestyle? Well, your dream could be closer than you think! While the world may have been focused on Finland’s recent moves, like its pivot towards NATO, there’s an important issue quietly unfolded: a shortage of workers. As Finland has been done with their elections, labor scarcity gained prominence. Since the easing of pandemic restrictions, the labor shortage in the most populous region, Uusimaa, including Helsinki, surged from 25% in 2019 to almost 60% in 2022. The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment in Finland recognized 56 occupations facing worker shortages, with health and social services topping the list. In the face of this challenge, Finland turned its gaze toward immigrants, seeing them not just as a solution to the problem but as valuable contributors to the country’s vibrant future.

Finland Job Market

Finland’s flourishing economy is paving the way for a wealth of job opportunities, making it an exciting destination for those seeking new professional horizons. The job market in Finland spans various industries, reflecting the nation’s diverse economic landscape. Particularly notable are the openings in technology, healthcare, IT, automobile manufacturing, and maritime sectors.

As Finland positions itself as a hub for innovation and development, the demand for skilled workers in technology and IT is on the rise. Simultaneously, the healthcare sector is expanding, presenting numerous positions for those dedicated to improving well-being. The automobile manufacturing industry and maritime sectors also offer promising avenues for employment, contributing to the country’s dynamic job market. For job seekers looking to be a part of a growing and progressive economy, Finland stands as an inviting destination with a myriad of opportunities across these key sectors. Globalogy’s Job support service can help you pave your journey to Finland with a career in hand.

Benefits of Working in Finland

Working in Finland comes with a host of benefits that extend beyond just a job. Whether you are considering professional growth, a high quality of life, a welcoming work culture, or education opportunities for your family, Finland has much to offer.

  • Professional and Personal Growth:

      • Opportunities for both career advancement and personal development.
      • Innovation-driven work environment.
  • High Quality of Life:

      • Consistently high global rankings in quality of life.
      • Access to pristine natural surroundings and efficient healthcare.
  • Inclusive Work Culture:

      • Welcoming workplaces that prioritize diversity and respect.
      • Promotes a sense of belonging and camaraderie.
  • Education Excellence for Families:

    • Exceptional education system from early childhood to higher education.
    • Ensures a solid foundation for children’s future.

Finland Visa Application Process

Before working in Finland, non-European Union (EU) citizens must secure a residence permit, and the nature of their work determines the type of permit needed. Here are the three types of Finland work visas:

  • Business Visa:

      • Allows a stay of up to 90 days.
      • Designed for attending seminars and conferences during onboarding.
      • Does not permit direct job interaction.
  • Residence Permit for Self-Employment:

      • Granted to individuals within a company, including private businessmen.
      • Requires registration with the Trade Register at the National Patent and Registration Board.
  • Residence Permit for an Employed Person:

    • The most common work visa type with three categories: Continuous (A), Temporary (B), and Permanent (P).
    • Employees applying for residency for the first time typically opt for a Temporary Permit.
    • Temporary permits can be fixed-term (B) or continuous, with the first permit usually given for one year, extendable up to three years.

Application Process:

  • The process starts with a job offer from a Finnish firm.
  • Apply for a residence permit online via the Enter Finland website before arriving.
  • Visit a Finnish diplomatic mission within three months, submitting original documents, supporting papers, and fingerprints.
  • The Employment and Economic Development Office reviews the application.
  • The Finnish Immigration Service makes the final decision.
  • Both the employee and employer receive written notice of the decision.
  • The employee gets a residence permit card from the Finnish embassy, initially valid for one year and extendable later.

Documents Required For Finland Visa

When applying for your visa, you’ll need a few documents to make sure everything goes smoothly. These include:

  • A contract of employment
  • Valid passport
  • Passport-size photocopies
  • Air Ticket
  • Medical certificates
  • An educational degree
  • Criminal clearance certificate
  • A residence permit

Time and Fees

  • 1 Year or Below, Single Entry/Multiple Entry: 170 Euro
      • If you’re planning to stay in Finland for a year or less, this is the fee you’ll need to pay for your Employment Visa, whether you’re going for a single entry or multiple entries.
  • 1 Year to 5 Years, Single Entry/Multiple Entry: 253 Euro
    • Looking to extend your stay for a more extended period, up to five years? This fee applies for both single and multiple entries during this timeframe.

The Finland work visa process involves understanding the intricacies of the different visa types and the specific requirements for each. Whether it’s a Business Visa, Residence Permit for Self-Employment, or the common Residence Permit for an Employed Person, each option caters to distinct circumstances. Our Finland Visa experts are dedicated to ensuring your seamless transition to Finland, providing assistance and expertise every step of the way.

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