Get a Job in Luxembourg

How to Land a Job in Luxembourg

How to Land a Job in Luxembourg

In 2024, Luxembourg is a great place to find a job, with the government expecting to say yes to about 94% of visa applications. If you’re not from a European Union country, getting a job in Luxembourg involves understanding the whole process – from applying to getting that job offer in your hand. It’s not just about applying; it’s about figuring out the best way to succeed in Luxembourg’s job Market.

Finding Job Opportunities

Looking for a job is an exciting journey, and there are many ways to find opportunities. You can use social media like LinkedInFacebook, and Telegram to connect with people and discover job posts. Explore job websites such as relocate.meGovJobs, and EURES for different job options. Check with the local employment agency in Luxembourg, ADEM, to know about available jobs. Your friends can also help by sharing job openings or connecting you with potential employers. Going to events and workshops helps you meet new people and discover job opportunities. Globalogy’s Job Support team can guide you to your dream job in Luxembourg.


Creating a strong resume is crucial for landing the job you want. First, decide whether to write it in English or French based on the job’s language preference. Include key details like contacts, education, work experience, personal projects, and skills. Write a matching cover letter in the required language, discussing the job and providing contact info. If you’re unsure about the ideal resume format, join our Luxembourg and France Masterclass to learn how to create a winning resume.
Job Opportunities in Luxembourg

Job Interview

Job interviews in Luxembourg are a big deal, and they take them seriously. You might have a few online interviews, so be ready for that. Here are some tips to do well: show not only your skills but also that you fit in with the company, be ready to talk about your experience and strengths, and let them see you’re excited about the job.

ADEM Certificate

The ADEM certificate is super important if you want to work in Luxembourg and you’re from another country. It takes about 3 to 4 weeks to get this certificate, and it’s like a permission slip for employers to hire people from places outside of the European Union.

When a company hires someone from another country, they have some rules to follow. They need to tell the Luxembourg employment agency, ADEM, about the job, and they have to try to find someone from a European Union country first. Only if they can’t find the right person from the EU, they can hire from a non-EU country. The ADEM certificate makes sure everything is done the right way.

When you’re about to sign the job contract, be sure to check some important things first. Look at what they say about moving to a new place, adapting to a different culture, how much they’ll pay you, and when and how the job could end. Understanding these things is important to make sure you’re okay with everything before you agree to work there.

Luxembourg offers a wealth of opportunities, and navigating its job market requires a combination of diligence, preparation, and understanding. With the right approach, job seekers can unlock the doors to a fulfilling career in this vibrant European hub with the help of Globalogy’s Luxembourg & France Masterclass.

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