find Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Ireland
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How to find Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Ireland

Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Ireland

Getting a job with visa sponsorship is a crucial step for those who want to work in Ireland. It’s important because working legally in a new country requires this endorsement, and it’s essential for individuals aiming to build their careers abroad. The process comes with challenges, such as dealing with complex immigration procedures and standing out in competitive job markets when looking for employment in foreign countries. In this guide, we’ll explore the steps to find jobs with visa sponsorship in Ireland, providing insights into the unique landscape and specific details for different sectors.

Ireland Work Visa Types:

If you’re considering working in Ireland, it’s essential to understand the various types of Ireland work visas available.

  • General Employment Permit: The General Employment Permit is the go-to choice for individuals who already have a job offer in Ireland. With this permit, you’re free to work for any company, providing flexibility in your employment options. Typically valid for two years, this permit can be renewed, allowing you to continue working in the country.

  • Critical Skills Employment Permit: Designed for individuals with high-demand skills in the Irish job market, the Critical Skills Employment Permit comes with several advantages. Holders of this permit often do not need to undergo a test to determine their eligibility for employment. Additionally, individuals with a Critical Skills Employment Permit may enjoy the benefit of reuniting with their close family members.

  • Dependent, Partner, or Spouse Employment Permit: This particular permit is tailored for individuals who are living with or married to someone holding a Critical Skills Employment Permit. It grants them the right to work in Ireland without needing a separate job offer. This provision aims to support family members and partners, allowing them to contribute to the workforce while residing in the country.

Steps to get a Visa Sponsorship Job in Ireland

Before you start applying for jobs, it’s important to know how visa sponsorship works in Ireland.

  • Identifying companies: Do some research to find out which companies or industries in Ireland are known for sponsoring work visas. Attend our Ireland masterclass where experts can give you useful tips and strategies for approaching potential sponsors. You will get the list of certified sponsors for FREE. 

  • Creating an Application: Make sure your application is personalized for each opportunity. Talk about your skills, experience, and how you can contribute to the company. Show that you understand the company and explain why you’re the right fit for visa sponsorship.

  • Apply in Advance: Getting a visa can take time, so it’s a good idea to apply for jobs well in advance. This gives both the company and the visa process enough time. Being proactive shows that you’re serious about the job.

  • Be consistent in your job applications: It’s important to keep looking for new opportunities regularly. Check our community Job Board, job websites often, and submit applications to multiple positions. This increases your chances of finding a job that offers visa sponsorship.
  • Career platforms: Take advantage of websites like Indeed and LinkedIn to look for jobs with visa sponsorship. Explore industry-specific and Country Specific job boards. Globalogy’s job support service can guide and help you during your job search.
Top Companies Offering Visa-Sponsored Jobs in Ireland

Top Companies Offering Visa-Sponsored Jobs in Ireland

If you’re seeking visa-sponsored job opportunities in Ireland, some notable companies are actively involved in the Irish job market.

Apple Jobs in Ireland: 

Apple, since establishing its first office in Ireland, has experienced significant growth, expanding by over 80% in the last five years. The company has added more than 1,600 team members in the last three years, contributing to Ireland’s workforce.

Intel Jobs in Ireland: 

Intel has a longstanding commitment to the Irish education system. Programs like Intel Skills for Innovation help teachers prepare students for the digital future. Their AI for Youth initiative engages young people with AI technology, fostering both technical and social skills.

Google Jobs in Ireland: 

Google Ireland, a key player in the tech industry, provides website hosting services and offers popular search engines such as Google Chrome and Android. Their operations serve clients globally, making them a prominent employer in Ireland.

Microsoft Jobs in Ireland: 

Microsoft Ireland, a leading IT solution provider, offers commercial software engineering, consulting services, cloud solutions, and related hardware. Their presence in Ireland contributes to the country’s IT landscape.

Meta Jobs in Ireland:

META focuses on a diverse sector mix, providing shelving systems for industrial and trade customers. They also specialize in large-scale and multi-story racking for project sectors, offering a range of opportunities in their operations.

Aspire Technology in Ireland: 

Aspire Technology is a premier technology services provider, specializing in digital infrastructure solutions and managed services. They believe that technology should be at the core of every company’s strategy in today’s digital environment.

PWC Jobs in Ireland:

PwC, the largest auditing and consulting firm in Ireland, provides interdisciplinary expertise, global networking, and integrity to clients navigating the Digital Era. They play a significant role in shaping business strategies. Securing a job with visa sponsorship in Ireland demands a strategic and informed approach. Navigating through various work visas, such as the General Employment Permit and Critical Skills Employment Permit, allows individuals to tailor their applications. Understanding the importance of visa sponsorship, identifying supportive companies through Globalogy’s masterclass, and crafting personalized applications are essential steps. Applying in advance, maintaining consistency in job searches, and utilizing career platforms, including Globalogy’s job support service, enhance the job-seeking process. Noteworthy companies like Apple, Intel, Google, Microsoft, Meta, Aspire Technology, and PwC present promising opportunities for career growth.

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